Friday, May 23, 2008

"his speeches give an aura of immortality that belies the fact that he's a living breathing human"

The crowd just erupted in expectation of Obama's appearance but aides called him off. The fact that Stacy Ritter started a chant is reflective of the confidence Obama has instilled in the populace. My voice hurts right now as I have screamed for the good majority of 10 minutes. It's the least I can do for a campaign that has battled so much.

Obama is here! The noise level is absolutely crazy. People are screaming and waving as the man makes his way to the stage with about 10 Secret Service agents behind him.

The crowd immediately ceased the roar when Obama approached the mic, eager to hear whatever the man has to say. ...

Obama's speaking:

"It's good to be in sunshine."

"I love you back"

Barack is recounting why he chose to run, invoking Dr. King's quote about "the urgency of now"
Seemingly whatever he says is being applauded; In a lighthearted way, he said he hasn't done anything yet. The people obviously don't care, drowning out the beginning of his talk.

Obama is successfully rallying people's emotions; the crowd's response is greatest when he talks of universal issues such as self-confidence or a lack thereof. Obama is driving home his messages of equality to a chorus of "yes we can"

I can't believe the man whose speeches I watch on YouTube everyday is so close to me. his speeches give an aura of immortality that belies the fact that he's a living breathing human. ...

His oratory skills are unparalleled. He has created an atmosphere in which each person feels that Obama is talking to them. This communal feel is emblematic of the campaign strategy. I can't help but feel as if I am listening to a speech that will one day be discussed in history books all over the country.

"Every child is our child."

Obama has put a modern twist on the log cabin campaign. This has been one of the defining moments of my very young life.

Obama owns the podium as he walks the walk of a champion. I trust this man. and he has influenced more than he has time to think about. ...
The Obama rally in Sunrise: Blogging live South Florida Sun Sentinel May 23, 2008.