Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Behold, Barack Obama's Waffle

A seller named "dixpea" placed what is purported to be Illinois Sen. Barack Obama's half-eaten breakfast from his Monday visit to the Gilder Diner in Scranton, Pennsylvania up for auction on eBay this week, with a suggested bid of over $10,000.

"This is Barak (sic) Hussein Obama's breakfast," the seller wrote, "winner gets his used diner plate with his used silverware and an uneaten portion of his waffle and sausage link."

A note from the seller on ebay explained a waitress at the diner wrapped Obama's uneaten breakfast with plastic wrap after he left the diner and gave it to "a loyal customer."

"This is 100% authentic," the seller writes. "His DNA is on the silverware."

Obama's Half-Eaten Breakfast Sold on eBay April 22, 2008.

* * *

Barack Obama's Waffle (Artist's Interpretation - $90 EBay (sold)