Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obama - "A Gift This Country Needs"

If you're wondering why Sen. Barack Obama's message of hope has resonated with so many voters across the country, consider the shooting rampage at Northern Illinois University.

Despite a decade of school shootings, we are never prepared for the horror of someone opening fire on innocent people, then taking his or her own life.

How is it that we live in a country where a young man can get his hands on four weapons, including a shotgun?

Why are people walking around armed to the teeth?

The only reason I can think of is that too many people have LOST HOPE.

We are living at a time when depression seems to be as common as a cold or flu. Yet what is depression but an impenetrable cloud of HOPELESSNESS?


Since [the Virginia Tech mass shooting], many parents of college-aged students have had to turn to their faith.

On the stump, however, Obama has had to defend his faith, and jokes about his critics calling him a "hopemonger." But Obama's ability to inspire people -- in urban areas as well as in rural towns -- is a gift the country needs.

Young people are killing each other in the ghettos as well as in our nation's universities. So it's not just drug wars or street gangs driving the violence.

But while young people are dying as martyrs, adults with the power to make a difference are still arguing over the merits of gun control.

Obama is surging ahead because a lot of people are tired of believing they are powerless to heal an ailing nation.

Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times February 17, 2008. (Via Say Anything).

* * *

School shootings = Hopelessness
Obama = Hope
Obama's Presidency = School shootings